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Sports Analysis

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Mmmmh, brownies...

P90X Statistics

Monday, June 6th, 2011

I finally got around to tabulating my p90x results. Here are some daily and periodic measurements represented graphically.

resting heart rate

body fat percent


core measurements

arm measurements

thigh measurements

The overall results:

MeasurementDay 0Day 91Change
Body Fat17.515.3-2.2
Chest3737 7/16+7/16
Waist3430 3/4-3 1/4
Hips34 1/431 7/8-2 3/8
Right Thigh2121 7/16+7/16
Left Thigh20 1/221 9/16+1 1/16
Right Arm13 3/413 3/40
Left Arm13 1/413 9/16+5/16

And here are the results of the fit test:

MeasurementDay 0Day 91Change
Resting Heart Rate7060-10
Pull Ups515+10
Vertical Leap1314.5+1.5
Toe Touch+2+5+3
Wall Squats2:494:02+1:13
Curls21 @ 19 lbs27 @ 20 lbs+8
In 'n' Outs2554+29
Max Heart Rate180160-20
1 min Heart Rate130112-18
2 min Heart Rate112100-12
3 min Heart Rate10094-6
4 min Heart Rate9690-6

So there you have it! Next up, photos…