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P90X Phase 3

Friday, May 27th, 2011

I had never made a serious commitment to fitness before P90X although I generally felt “in shape.”  There was a time when I went to the gym a few times per week.  I ran in high school.  I hike, bike, and kayak.  The dog gets long walks daily.  But for the last 90 days, I basically made fitness my top priority.  It was the reason I rolled out of bed at 4:40 AM, stumbled downstairs to fill my water bottle, and headed into the office/workout room to wake up and Bring It.  I changed the way I ate and paid attention to portions.  I said no to all the sugary good things that would normally catch my attention.  I ignored all of the free food emails at work.  I even restrained myself at the monthly wine and cheese and occasional danish with the director meetings.  Sure, I slipped up here and there.  I went out to eat.  I was away.  Sometimes I was just really hungry (especially before I started adding carbs back in).  But I did my best.  I brought everything I had to almost all of my workouts.  I have been tired, sore, tired, and occasionally (or mostly) grouchy for three months.  I’ve had to give up some of the other things I enjoy doing in my spare time.  I haven’t done as much work on the house as I would have liked.  Sure, some nights I can’t stay up past 8.  But I made it 90 days and I’m better for having done it.  I’m in the best shape of my life.  I didn’t doubt P90X would work.  I saw Tina’s amazing results.  I just didn’t know how good I would feel at the end.  I’ll have another post with some hard numbers and maybe some photos soon.  But for now, here’s my notes on Phase 3 (which alternates workouts from Phase 1 and Phase 2 for 4 weeks then finishes with a recovery week):

Week Nine:

  • Phase 3 started rough.  If you recall from the end of Phase 2, I was rushing to finish up the prep. work for installing some tile in the house.  Phase 2 ended with a missed workout (made up the next day after 4 hours sleep).  On the first day, I borrowed my rest day from the end of the week because I was so tired from tiling that I couldn’t imagine working out.  Then, I spent nearly 12 more hours tiling!  My legs and back were so sore from squatting and bending all day that it took me half an hour to get out of bed on Monday morning for my workout.  Once I warmed up though, I was right back in the groove.  The workout felt fantastic.  The next day I brought my best for Plyometrics and did all of the double moves.  I had to fight a bit of a bad attitude midweek because I was still tired but I pushed through.  On Thursday, I did yoga in the morning and then decided to try to get back on track so I could have a rest at the end of the week by doing Legs and Back in the evening.  That left Kenpo X and Abripper X on Friday.  I did note that 3 leg-intense workouts in a 24 hour period caused considerable pain and also that I was still exhausted.  I gladly took my “rest” day on Saturday and used my energy for grouting the tile.

Week Ten:

  • This week started off really well.  I had a good night’s sleep and felt good after my workout.  This week I finally did a bunch of corn-cob pullups without leg assist.  I went big for pullups later in the week and raised my numbers significantly on all of them.  I did have to back down on some of the weighted leg moves in Legs and Back because my knees were really sore.  I did notice I was feeling a bit more tired toward the end of the week again.  Also, I switched from diet phase 2 to diet phase 3.  This was a drastic shift to 60% carbs!  I did notice that I had more energy during subsequent workouts.

Week Eleven:

  • I was super excited to be back to the phase one workouts again.  I think I like them slightly more than the phase two workouts.  I definitely had more energy overall and biked 3 times during this week.  I also had two good walks with the dog.  It had been a long time since I had been able to walk at a pace she found acceptable as I was usually too tired and just shuffled along.  I had some trouble with my left knee in yoga.  The first 45 minutes were pretty painful but I got through it.  I’m pretty sure this was when I started grumbling about how done I was with P90X.  I think I was just getting weary and my joints and connective tissues were in need of a break.

Week Twelve:

  • Week twelve started good but by yoga day, my knees were bothering me again and my hamstrings were very tight.  I was really getting sick of feeling so weary and worn out but I tried to push through.  My legs are very tired.  Still, I pushed hard on pullups during Legs and Back because it was the last time I ever have to do it!  Kenpo was tough because of the soreness/tightness in my legs.  I was sure happy to get this week over with!

Week Thirteen:

  • Week thirteen began with consecutive rest days and bad eating because we went away and got ENGAGED!  We walked many miles on Saturday.  That helped my hamstrings (after the 2 hour drive on Friday, I could barely walk!) and general leg soreness.  I think the extra day of rest really helped because the first round of yoga was one of the most enjoyable so far.  My knees didn’t complain one bit.  Once again, I doubled up to catch back up with the schedule.  I was so close to finishing in 90 days that I didn’t want to stretch it to 91 so I did Core Synergistics and X Stretch on the same day.  I didn’t notice any negative effects during the second workout.  I was feeling tired again and struggled to get up to do the last three workouts.  I’m mentally and physically exhausted from this, but I made it to the end and I AM DONE!

I’ll repeat the fit test tomorrow to see how things have changed over the last 90 days.  I’m sure that I’ll be happy with the results.  I’m not sure what comes after that.  I think I’m going to take a week off and think about it.  My body needs a break.  I know I can’t keep up with this extreme workout schedule indefinitely because I’m putting off other things I want to do.  I’m not sure that I need to either.  I’m happy with where I’m at.  Now it’s time to find the balance between maintaining my current level of fitness and getting back some time and energy.  I know I’ll be biking a lot this summer and I’m signed up for a 7 mile road race in August so I’ll be doing some training for that.  If I can squeeze in some resistance and core work in between, I think that will do.  Stay tuned for some stats coming soon…