Does my yard make this shed look big?

So we need to build a shed…  The basement is full to the point where we only have paths between the boxes, furniture, kayaks, yard equipment, and tools that are down there.  Plus, I’m sick of dragging the lawn mower up and down the basement stairs every week.  We need to get some stuff out of there so I can spread out the tools in the workshop and so that we can organize the furniture and boxes until we find places for these things upstairs.

Naturally, we want to maximize our storage potential while observing local regulations and without taking up too much of the yard.  There are a few local regulations that constrain our design.  Sheds are restricted to the side or back yards.  Any shed under 120 ft2 does not require a building permit and must be 10 feet from the property boundaries.  Since our house is set quite far back on our narrow lot, the 10-foot offset would put the shed too far into the yard.  Fortunately, any shed under 100 ft2 only needs to be 3 feet from the property boundaries.

With those constraints in mind, I set to work designing a nice 8′ x 12′ shed in SketchUp.  We want the shed to match the style of the house as much as possible.  With that in mind, I’ve roughed out a wood-clad  cape with a 12/12 roof.  I’ve designed the shed with 8′ walls so that we’ll have plenty of room to hang tools and so that standard-height doors can be used.
SketchUp Shed

After we had the rough design, I started working on the actual framing plan.  At some point while I was doing that, I really began to wonder how this was really going to look in the back yard.  My calculations where showing a roof peak just a touch over 13′ above grade.  I couldn’t decide if that seemed too high or not for the space it will be in, so I decided that the best thing to do would be to build a mock-up of one of the gable ends out of scrap wood and actually see what it would look like.  So we did.  Here’s how it looks:
From the bedroom:

From the living room:

From the kitchen:

From the deck:

From the west side yard:

From the east side yard:

From the start of the walkway:

From the driveway:

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7 Responses to “Does my yard make this shed look big?”

  1. Neeko says:

    Looks solid. I would wonder about the proximity to the trees and the amount of water that you would be exposing to the foundation/siding/etc and its durability. Looks great though.

  2. Holly says:

    Looks good to me! Not too big, plus less lawn to mow. Bonus! But isn’t it too close to the trees, vegetation, whatever the hell that crap is that we don’t have in Las Vegas. When that green crap is within the frame of the shed, I worry. Oh, and stop with all the home improvement. It’s making me feel guilty! 🙂 Tina, Laguna this weekend. We will miss you! 🙁 Good luck with the diet and training! I know you’ll do great!

  3. Justine says:

    Do it. I don’t think it looks too big (although any bigger and it might). Great size!

  4. Jesse says:

    Thanks everyone! The trees will get a bit of a trim once the plans are finalized and we know what needs to be removed. I will also remove about 6″ of soil within the footprint of the shed and replace it with 3/4″ stone. The sandy soil around here drains very well. It’s also going to be on the highest point of the yard and we’ll be using pressure treated lumber for the deck. The siding will be pine/cedar so they should naturally resist rot.

  5. POPS says:

    It looks great!!! You may want the overhang on the shed the same as the house. I would highly recommend a 36″ round window (available in my back yard) in the gable ends for light. Just kidding….or not. LOL!!! When is the cupola and weather vane going to be installed? Maybe the cupola could be round, made with all that fine equipment in your basement. Where’d you learn to do all this stuff?

  6. Jesse says:

    Thanks! The house has 8″ eaves so that’s probably what we’ll go with. The house doesn’t have any overhang on the gable ends but we may do that on the shed. I don’t know about a cupola, it’d be nice to have the extra light though. Guess I had a good teacher!

  7. Tina says:

    Hey Holly! Thanks for the advice! I’m so sad to be missing Laguna! Next year, if I’m not poor, I might try to get out there for the trip. OR, you guys could do a beach trip here! Laguna must get so BORING after a while! (HA! I know, I know…no way is it boring…just trying to entice you!).

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