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I Finally Finish A Project (And Continue Another)

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Today, I returned to the epic closet remodel. I had picked up a nice pine shelf for my closet the last time I was at Lowes. I took the necessary measurements and finally cut the shelf to fit. A few minutes later, it was in place and the closet was done.

With that behind me, I headed down to the guest room to start patching all of the holes and dents that we had discovered in the walls. The worst was the closet, where the wire shelving unit had been attached to the wall. Once again, there were many tiny holes, knicks, and dings all over the room.

Underlayment in the Guest Room

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Earlier in the month, we decided that we really needed to get moving on the floor in the guest room. It was getting toward the end of winter, and soon, there would be more moisture in the air.

We got started on February 7th. The first step was to cut the rest of the door casings to allow for the increased height of the new floor. I also removed all of the baseboard molding that I could access. Then, I got busy gluing and screwing the half-inch plywood to the subfloor.
I got a few sheets installed before it was getting too late to be cutting the wood outside.

Back inside, Tina and I moved the pine planks out of the guest room and back in to the livingroom. We tucked them behind the couch on a layer of sheets to protect the floor. I ripped out the rest of the baseboard molding and then filled in the gap between the wall and the floor with some spray foam insulation. Hopefully that stops the wind from blowing into the room.

Fast-forward 20 days… I finally made time to get back to the guest room project. I started by trimming off all of the extra foam from the bottom of the walls. Then, I took measurements for the remaining pieces of plywood and headed to the basement to do some cutting. With all the pieces cut to size, I returned to the guest room and motored through gluing and screwing the rest of the underlayment. It was that simple. We’re one step closer!

Closet Work Continues

Friday, February 26th, 2010

The slowest moving closet project sees some progress. I finally cut and mounted the closet pole. I’ll finish this someday!